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A blend of culture, religion and spiritualism in Varanasi

A blend of culture, religion and spiritualism in Varanasi

Famous for its mysticism, spiritualism, and Hindu sites, the city of Varanasi is considered to be the oldest city of the world. More popularly known as Banaras, this city attracts thousands of visitors from all around the world. Its spiritualism is ideally reflected in its Ghats, ashrams, temples, and it’s numerous sects. A short tour of Varanasi will not only provide a glimpse of sacred Hinduism but also of Jainism and Buddhism.

A city reflecting spiritualism

According to the several travel agencies in Varanasi, the city boasts of Jain temples, Buddhist Stupas, and provides the mirror reflection of our sacred Indian culture. If you are planning on a short travel to Varanasi it is mandatory to visit the Sarnath, which is an archeological museum and houses abundant remains of past, like the Asoka pillar, national emblem of India. The most captivating aspect of a Varanasi tour would be visiting the temples associated with Hinduism reflecting spiritualism and devotion.

This city is also a buzzing destination for meditation tours, especially for Hindu devout who come just to visit the Ganga Ghat which forms the centre of rituals and religious activities. It forms the prime attraction of Banaras and thousands of devotees accompanied by spiritual masters meditate in the serene and revitalizing environment. Very often considered to be the microcosm of India, this is a quintessential city housing abundant curio shops, Ghats, and religious sites.

Multiple sites to visit

There are several tour operators in Varanasi that will provide the tour of some of the most important destinations of the city like Bharat Kala museum, Chaukhandi Stupa, Annapurna Devi temple, Banaras Hindu University, Asi Ghat, Bharat Mata temple, Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary, Banarasi Sari and Brocades etc. A short Kashi tour will allow you to explore the holiest city on Earth, which is the centre of Hindu cosmology and is the most eminent religious and cultural centre of North India. You would also be surprised to know that one of the most traditional Indian classical music known as the Banaras Gharana was formed right in the city of Varanasi.

The city is also popularly known as Kashi, because it is believed to be the city of knowledge and the home of mighty Hindu god, Lord Shiva. Some of the most popular places of attraction include manas temple, Durga kund, Sankat mochan, Vishalakshi temple, Annapurna Devi and Kashi vishweshwara. One of the must visit places of travel in Uttar Pradesh is Sarnath which is the site where Lord Buddha gave his first preaching to five followers.

The easiest way of having a short trip to this sacred and age old city is by consulting travel agents in Varanasi, which provides affordable holiday tour packages. If you do not have enough information about local travel agents, then the best option would be exploring the web where you will find ample hotel booking services in Varanasi and avail genuine information on places that you must explore in the city. If you are searching for a more affordable option than best would be taking the guidance of tour operator in Varanasi who will provide you with a list of genuine budget hotels in Varanasi.

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