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Amazing Wildlife Photography Tours in India

Wildlife Photography Tour India

Amazing Wildlife Photography Tours in India
If you are a professional wildlife photographer or have a fetish for wildlife photography as a hobby then embark on a wildlife photography tour in India. India is abundant in lush green forests and what can be better than capturing the natural beauty of India’s forests and its wildlife in your camera. So all you shutterbugs out there, its time you don your safari get up and get set for a fun and adventurous wildlife photography tour in India. Here are a few wildlife locations that are sure to satisfy your thirst for perfect wildlife shots!

One of the famous national parks in India with great tiger density is Bandhavgarh. You can get in touch with the park rangers who are successful in tracking tigers daily so that you are able to reach out to the best locations to get great shots of these awe-inspiring cats. The forest beauty of Bandhavgarh is yet another facet that attracts wildlife photography experts not only from India but from all over the world.

Kanha National Park
If you are a wildlife enthusiast then Kanha National Park is rightly your calling. Listed as one of the most beautiful national parks of India, Kanha is a thriving ground for elephants and a range of various other wild animals. Here you can enjoy the amazing flora and fauna and take the best shots when it comes to wildlife photography. The amazing terrains are the storehouse of some of the most cherished wildlife species including the likes of gaur, chital, sambar, hyenas, jackals, buffalo and a colorful birdlife.

The scenic landscape of Ladakh is one of the best locations in India to plan on a wildlife photography tour. The remote mountainous regions are the best places where you can be to take wildlife camera shots. The exotic birds and wildlife of the mountain forests of Ladakh call for a wildlife excursion as soon as possible. The breathtaking view of the Manali Leh drive is a perfect recipe for a memorable trip to this scenic abode in the lap of nature. You can shoot the two humped Bactrian camels against the backdrop of the snow covered mountains. Snow leopards, black necked cranes, Tibetan wild ass and mountain goats are some of the animals that make for colorful wildlife shots.

The Himalayan Regions
An excursion across the Himalayan regions always lists on the top of many wildlife photography tours in India. This tour is likely to cover a whole lot of places and so you will be surely able to fill up your photo albums like never before. The Singhalila National Park is one inspiring natural region with misty forests abundant in wild orchids calling shutterbugs with open arms. The Himalayan wildlife in Sikkim is yet another spot you cannot afford to miss. Darjeeling is one Himalayan area that is also worth visiting. Capture exotic pandas, leopards and many other mountain breed of animals that will add charm to your wildlife photography tour in India.

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