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Asiatic Lion in Sasan Gir National Park Gujarat

Gr National Park

Asiatic Lion in Sasan Gir National Park Gujarat
Gir National Park is famous across the world as the largest continuous tract of jungle that still harbors the last Asiatic lions. The forest forms catchment area of many important rivers such as Shetrunji, Raval, Datatrdi, Machhundri, Shingoda and Hiran. It is the presence of the wild majestic lions and the beautiful flora and fauna of Gir that has made it a popular tourist destination and a favorite among wildlife enthusiasts.

Once into the stretch of Sasan Gir National Park you will encounter wide rolling hills, eight perennial rivers, undulating terrain, preying birds gliding in the sky, hooting of the owls, alarm calls of langurs and deers, leopards lurking amidst thick bushes and of course the roaring lions with their echoes reverberating across the jungle and valleys. All this surely makes Gir a lively action packed wild jungle.

Gir has its own uniqueness
Gir supports a rich biological diversity that comprises of  38 mammal species, 37 reptile species, 300 bird species and around 2000 insects species along with 550 species of flowering plants that are nourished by multiple types of soil.

Sasan being the entry point of Gir National Park houses lovely villages that call for a perfect backdrop to the thick forest. With many lodging options available in Sasan, nature lovers flock to this national park with a desire to see a freely living wild lion in the Indian terrain. It is indeed fascinating to know that the tribals of Gir known as Maldharis live in scattered settlements in the Gir forest without the fear of lions. If you want to taste the ethnicity of the forest then hire a jeep and set out on a wild journey to explore the lands of Sasan Gir. Astonished is defintely what you are going to be.

Huge diversity of animals are found in Sasan Gir National Park
The forest is full of carnivores, some of them apart from the mighty Asiatic Lion are hyena, leopard, fox, jackal, jungle cat, honey badger and mongoose. Among the herbivores you are likely to spot chital or the spotted deer, blue bull, sambar, antelope, langur and chinkara. The reptilian fauna consists of python, monitor lizard, star tortoise and marsh crocodile to name a few. There are high chances that you will find a good number of crocs basking in the sun nearby the lakes of the Gir National Park. Birds of prey are also an obvious sight and you can spot tawny eagle, great horned owl, crested hawk eagle and shikra. Plus you can find a lot of colorful and beautiful birds like the verditer flycatcher, iora, golden oriole, black naped blue flycatcher, Indian pitta, white eye, etc.

The sight of the Asiatic lions feeding on their staple prey, the spotted deer is one that will leave you thrilled for sure. Go along with a guide who will help you learn a lot on the Gir ecosystem and its varied flora and fauna. So, get ready to indulge in the wild and go on thrilling safari to see the Asiatic Lions of the Sasan Gir National Park of Gujarat.

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