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Backwater and Beaches of Kerala

Beaches of Kerala

Backwater and Beaches of Kerala
Kerala being known as God’s own country is blessed with some of the best and mesmerizing beaches in India. If you are interested in standing in sea and catch the beautiful sunset or sunrise, Kerala is a perfect place to enjoy and good time with family and friends. You can reconnect yourself with your loved ones with the backwaters of Kerala in a most soothing fashion, which other places fail to deliver. Nothing is as soothing as the lavish coastline amidst the awesome weather of Kerala. After all, you can feel every aspect of Mother Nature here, right from the clean and golden beaches, to beautiful mountains and water falls to a number of things with your Kerala backwater tour. Let’s check some popular backwater and beaches in Kerala as under:

Alleppey Backwaters
Alleppey is called as the Venice of East, which speaks volumes about being at the top Kerala backwaters. Here you can indulge into one of the most scenic and serene backwater experience along with a number of incredible of houseboat sailing over it. You can find loads of opportunity to be on these houseboats and enjoy dwelling on floating water while doing your daily chores amidst incredible beauty and close to Mother Nature. During the harvesting season, you can find loads of boat racing take place here in Kerala, which makes Alleppey the number one choice of backwater tours Kerala. The best time to visit this place is, between September to March.

Kuttanad Backwaters
Another best option for Kerala backwaters is Kuttanad backwaters, which is situated amidst the hils and seas thus giving loads of opportunity to catch up with. There is loads of stuff to check in this place while you enjoy exploring this backwater. The lush green paddy fields and the meandering canals can allow you to explore the best of the landscapes of Kerala. Again the best time to visit here is between September to March.

Kasargod Backwaters
This is yet another option in the list of backwaters of Kerala that can allow your eyes rolls for long with several lines of forts beside the backwaters of this place. You can find this region to be rich in culture and languages. Besides the natural beauty, it is also a place of gods, rivers, forts, beaches and cool mountains.

Backwater Kerala

Koyalam Beach
It is one of the popular beaches in Kerala, which attracts both domestic and global tourists. It is situated around 16 kms from the town and contains three adjacent crescent shape beaches and the one at the southern side is called as the Lighthouse Beach. This gives enough opportunities to tourists for water sports like snorkelling and boating along with the catamaran rides, cool sunset viewing and much more.

Shanghumugham Beach
This beach in Kerala is simply at the adjacent to the Airport of the city, which is popular for a nuber of things. This beach is among the rare beaches in Kerala that has indoor recreation club along with gigantic 35 meters long mermaid sculpture along with a restaurant constructed in a shape of a starfish and the traffic training centre of kid’s park.

Poovar beaches
This is among the isolated spectacular Kerala beaches in the state. It is located just adjacent to Neyyar River Sanctuary, which makes it to be one of the best Kerala beach tours in India. In the early days, it was one of the important trading ports in British days apart from being an important tourist destination for all.

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