India’s gift to the world : Yoga Day


India’s gift to the world : Yoga Day
From “aham to vyam” and from “sva to samast“, Narendra Modi sums up the crux behind one of the most valuable gift bestowed upon us by India’s rich traditions.Yoga is purely attributed to India, and can be traced down to Indian philosophy. As per Indian philosophy, yoga stands for the arrest and negation of all mental modification. Yoga is an invaluable gift of the great Indian sage Patanjali to all bent upon spiritual realisation. It is a great aid in plethora of ways. (more…)

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New Year 2016- The Year of Happiness Unfolds

Taj Mahal

New Year 2016- The Year of Happiness Unfolds:
We are at that wonderful time of the year again, when we get ready to cross one milestone and head for another. This is a special day in the calendar year that means the same for all who follow the Gregorian unit of time measurement. On this day, we keep the unit of time set aside to be marked “past” and get ready to mark all that represents the “Future”. All though there are no physical markers to show from this transition in time and may appear to be unreal, the happiness & hope it represents is real. (more…)

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Christmas the Day of Sheer Joy

Merry Christmas

Christmas the Day of Sheer Joy:
It won’t be wrong to say that “Christmas” is the synonym for “Joy”!!! Some may say that is grammatically wrong but some would definitely agree. In terms of a social custom this day is certainly one of the most joyful and that is almost an international feeling. This day is the 25th of December and celebrates the day Lord Jesus was born and brought into this world religion of Christianity, a religion Love and Sacrifice. This day is preceded by a definite change in way commercial establishments look, at how large shopping malls get redecorated and redone, at how people start the month of December with an air of expectancy. (more…)

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Raksha Bandhan – the celebration of love and brotherhood

Raksh bandhan

Raksha bandhan- the celebration of love and brotherhood

One of the most important festivals of India that has a deep religious significance is undoubtedly Raksha bandhan. This is a day that celebrates the bond of love between a brother and a sister. Interestingly, over a period of time this day celebrates not only the love between biological siblings but also one when a similar relationship exists between a man and a woman. Popularly known as Rakhi or Rakhi Purnima, this festival is widely popular amongst the Sikhs, Jains and Hindus. Although this is particularly an Indian festival, the occasion of Rakhi has also been preferred and observed in parts of Mauritius and Nepal. The festival is celebrated by several Sikhs and Hindus residing in Pakistan, and by others of Indian origin from across the world. (more…)

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