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Christmas the Day of Sheer Joy

Merry Christmas

Christmas the Day of Sheer Joy:
It won’t be wrong to say that “Christmas” is the synonym for “Joy”!!! Some may say that is grammatically wrong but some would definitely agree. In terms of a social custom this day is certainly one of the most joyful and that is almost an international feeling. This day is the 25th of December and celebrates the day Lord Jesus was born and brought into this world religion of Christianity, a religion Love and Sacrifice. This day is preceded by a definite change in way commercial establishments look, at how large shopping malls get redecorated and redone, at how people start the month of December with an air of expectancy.

The vibrant and colourful festival
Come December and there is a hectic activity almost everywhere you see and people seem to get ready for a special day ahead. Christmas is all about sharing and an innate sense of giving and one can feel a sense of joy around. For home owners it’s the perfect time to have their home done up to usher in that special day and home beautification takes a whole new meaning. The Christmas tree, the bells, the coloured ribbons, the fancy lights, the vibrant colours and so much more are the hallmark of this special day.


Merry Christmas Santa Claus

For those who belong to the Christian faith, this is the day that honours the birth of Christ, the Saviour. However now this day has such a fan following that it is evolved into an International day where people enjoy all the fun & frolic even though they may belong to another religion. It is the joy, laughter, gaiety and happiness of this day that seems to touch everyone everywhere. Interestingly this day also celebrates the arrival of Santa Claus who gives gifts to the young ones. In most places children believe that come night fall on this day and he will arrive on his sledge, going from house to house, giving them the things they long for.

Its big business for the commercial establishments
For the business community and commercial establishments, the arrival of the month of December simply means the scope of big business. Large companies plan the launch of their newest products looking towards a Christmas launch, because people do save for this season. Not only do people buy things for themselves but for near & dear ones, because Christmas is about giving. For some though this is a day of the customary visit to the church while those that might not know the true meaning of the day begin to think it’s a veritable shopping festival, such is the flavour of the shop lined streets.

This day in winter acquires special warmth for it fills the hearts of people with love and warmth. Large parties are brimming with young & old alike for all touched by the amazing glow of happiness evident on every face. Great food is another wonderful part of Christmas, for people create amazing food during this season, the Cake has become more of an icon signifying this day and sheer variety of cakes made during Christmas is mind boggling. This is truly that day when everyone has their cake and eats it too.

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