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Explore the exotic atmosphere of Goa


One of the most popular tourist destinations in India, is Goa, the refreshing destination for tourist from India and abroad. It’s an enchanting land gifted with mouthwatering seafood, green hills, silvery golden beaches, exotic landscapes and intangible allures. This tiny emerald land situated on the western coast of the country along the Western Ghats, is one of the most popular beach destinations of the world. Previously the land was under the Portuguese rule but later in 1987, the name of ‘Goa’ was conferred to it.

Its surf, sand and sea, along with carefree and warm hearted people, make it a perfect beach destination. Tourism in Goa is extremely popular amongst the younger generations who come here to enjoy its untiring festive mood, rich cultural heritage, and palm fringed beaches. The strong Portuguese influence can be very well felt in the churches and chapels mostly designed in the Portuguese style. Its colorful bazaars and sun soaked beaches offers the best of East and the West.

Goa being a tourist destination is dotted with a plethora of hotels and resorts, which very easily fits the tourist’s dissimilar choices and budgets. There are abundant beach resorts in Goa that have been specially designed to cater the needs of tourists. Being a buzzing destination, it is always advised to travelers to make advanced booking in these hotels, especially during spring time. If you are a foodie be prepared to have the most delicious meals of your entire life in Goa, and there is no dearth of bistros here.


Other than the nightlife, and never ending spirit Goa is definitely popular for one more reason, and that is its churches. Old Goa is the home to abundant covenants and churches, and most of these were built during the Portuguese rule. Several of the churches and cathedrals were erected during the 16th and 17th centuries, and some of them are Church of St. Augustine, Church of St. Francis of Assisi, and Church of Lady of Rosary and so on. All the churches are specimens of true works of art and most of them consist of paintings made on wooden borders, fixed between rare floral panels. These religious buildings reflect the true Portuguese social life and culture, and till date are marvelously maintained by the Christians residing on the land.

Your vacation in Goa can never be complete without spending a generous amount of time on the Goa beaches. One of the most popular beaches in Goa is Candolim beach which other than its sheer beauty is also famous as the birth place of ‘Father of Hypnotism’, Abba Faria. Its scrub covered dunes and white sandy beaches, attracts thousands of tourists from across the globe. This beach offers abundant opportunities for adventurous water sporting like wind surfing, water skating, parasailing etc. Its serene atmosphere also has made it an ideal destination for meditation, yoga and fishing. The beach is bordered with several restaurants and bars where tourists ought to try Goan fish dishes, and feni, a local drink made with coconut and cashews.

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