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Independence Day: What Real Celebration Means in the 70th Year of India’s Freedom

Independence Day

Independence Day: What Real Celebration Means in the 70th Year of India’s Freedom

As we celebrate 70th year of India’s independence, it becomes imperative for one and all to recall the history and understand its significance. After all our previous the generation of thirties (1930’s) and forties (1940’s) have paid heavy price for the independence in which we enjoy our life and liberty. It is also important to understand the significance of this day rather flocking at different picnic spots to have gala time in a public holiday or catch up any movie released the current Friday. Let us begin with its brief history:


It all started in 1857 when the first effort to liberate India from the clutches of British was seen; however, it failed in many ways in uprooting the foreigners over our land yet it kept igniting the hearts of millions of freedom lovers all across the country. The various freedom struggle groups, right from the non-violent group led by Mahatma Gandhi to the ones led by the revolutionary people like Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru and Sukh Dev, every one aspired to see the dawn of independence and have left no stone unturned to bring back the freedom to their country India. There were many groups, who contributed in Indian Independence movement, right from a common man to stalwarts like Gandhi & Bhagat Singh, but the price India is paying after 70 years of independence is really heavy.

The Significance

Why we celebrate, our Independence Day, it is an important question to pose. Many of us still consider this day as a national holiday wherein they have nothing but to enjoy their life by mere posting flags on their vehicles. The only patriotic thing they have to show is the flag kept over their two wheelers and four wheelers otherwise a majority of us fail to understand the significance of this day. If we are keen to celebrate this day, the real celebration starts when we think of paying tribute to the people who have laid their lives for the Indian freedom movement.

Rather enjoying it like any other public holiday, it’s time to understand the spirit of our real heros who gave their lives, talents, money, efforts and everything in order to liberate our country. Its time to imbibe their values in our life right from walking on the path of truth, peace, brotherhood and communal amity and fighting back the fascist and communal people who are keen to divide the population of our country on the basis of religion, color and race. Once we understand the significance of this day, we will start doing these things together.

70th of Independence & India

We have entered in the 70th year of freedom, however, our country is pitted with corruption, communalism, poverty and hunger. A handful of people seems to be leading a decent lifestyle, however, a majority of these simply remain under the poverty line struggling for every ounce of life. The government change every five years but every other government coming to power make things bad to worse. With every passing day, our country is simply leading to deterioration and the people in power are least interested in making the country a better place to live. For them it’s just a pool of lifeless people who come to live only when there is elections around. The promise of Acche Din is still a distant dream promised by the ruling party. So, the best way to change the destiny of our country is to change ourselves by treading the path of truth, corruption free practices and peace rather than being the victim of politicians who are simply taking people for a ride. That’s the real way of celebrating our Independence Day, let’s pledge for the same!

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