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India’s gift to the world : Yoga Day


India’s gift to the world : Yoga Day
From “aham to vyam” and from “sva to samast“, Narendra Modi sums up the crux behind one of the most valuable gift bestowed upon us by India’s rich traditions.Yoga is purely attributed to India, and can be traced down to Indian philosophy. As per Indian philosophy, yoga stands for the arrest and negation of all mental modification. Yoga is an invaluable gift of the great Indian sage Patanjali to all bent upon spiritual realisation. It is a great aid in plethora of ways.

While enumerating the benefits of Yoga, Narendra Modi brilliantly addressed the United Nations General Assembly with vivid display of what the Indian tradition and philosophy has in store for the world. Taking a step ahead, and endorsing our rich and vivid tradition, culture and philosophy at global level, India’s proposal for International World Yoga’s day was drafted for consultation initially, and was declared the same with the consent of 177 members, witnessing the maximum cosponsors for a draft of such nature. United Nations declared June 21st to be celebrated as International World Yoga’s day. June 21st being the longest day in summer solstice and witnesses the full moon, thus being a crucial day.

World Yoga Day is celebrated with extreme keenness, and celebrations include, Meditation, Practice of Yoga and spreading awareness about yoga, hiding discussion on the benefits of Yoga on one’s lifestyle and world. Yoga embodies unity, it is enclosed to your self but let’s you identify with world in the most precise and apt way. It increases concentration and debars you from inhibitions and distractions, It doesn’t lets your mind or the intellect to be impure or unsettled, and thus understanding becomes much simpler and profound. Yoga endorses a holistic approach to health and well being, it is not only about exercising but meditating, distinguishing self and recognizing, and eventually using this consciousness for a better view of world, and with a distinguished take on climate change and other issues persisting in the rest of the world.

June 21st of every year is celebrated as World Yoga Day, with people adopting different ways of celebrating it. Putting India across at the global map, this invaluable gift of India tradition has grabbed the eyeball of everyone out there. What is necessary for an appreciation of Yoga is a sympathetic understanding of it and a sincere endeavour to realise it’s truths, and while you inculcate the practice of yoga in your lifestyle, it will let you explore the region of genuine super physical experience and will let you be a person who is sufficiently  determined.

With much appreciation being showered to India for endorsing such a beneficial concept to the world, India is proud to bank upon its rich and diverse tradition and culture, and leaves the scope for everyone to explore the diversity and unravel what India has in store for everyone out there.


Born in Rajasthan, India I am a traveler by inherent nature. Cultural heritage has always been my fascination and I always tried to look the things from cultural angel. Shifted to Delhi in pursuit of new pastures 4 year back. The wandering nature always push me for new and lesser known destinations. Currently on a break from studies and official work to explore the wonderland called as India.

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