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Kerala Backwaters – A Date with Nature in its Fullest Form

Kerala Backwater

Kerala Backwaters – A Date with Nature in its Fullest Form
Kerala is one of the most sought romantic getaways in India and is thronged by tourist all year round. As you reach to this scenic land be prepared to be swayed by the rich natural ambience that is sure to leave you spell bound and in total awe of Mother Nature. However, no trip to this silver state is complete without visiting the sparkly and shiny backwaters. These backwaters flow to the Arabian Sea and are a sight to devour mainly because of their turquoise water and the lush green palm and coconut trees bordering their shores. Here let’s take a look at the most popular Kerala backwaters worth making a visit to!

Valiyaparamba Backwaters, Kasaragod
This is among the most vivacious and enchanting backwaters in Kerala. It is formed by 4 rivers and is next to a small island known as the Valiyaparamba. You can enjoy ferry rides on this backwater and a day at the nearby Kappil and Pallikere beach call for a perfect recipe for rejuvenation and relaxation.

Kavvayi Backwater, Payyanur
The largest backwater in north Kerala is the massive Kavvayi Backwater of Payyanur. Hop onto the exquisite houseboats that dot the waters of this beautiful stream and enjoy the mystic beauty of the surrounding greenery with your loved one. If you are a cultural enthusiasts then you can make a visit during the regular temple festivals of Payyanur.

Kerala Backwater

Marine Drive, Kochi
Yet another popular backwater of Kerala is the lovely Marine Drive of Kochi. Here you can laze around in its natural scenery watching the sunset or enjoy great food and coffee at the food spots like Coofee Bar and Marybrown. The nearby China Net Bridge is also a favorite of visitors.

Thiruvallam Backwaters, Thiruvananthapuram
If you love adventure and swear by adventure sports such as kayakaying and canoeing then Thiruvallam Backwaters in the popular town of Thiruvananthapuram is just the one for you. A ride across Thiruvananthapuram to Kovalam on the traditional kettuvaloms will give you a real feel of the exotic backwaters of this place. Other indulgences that you can enjoy here are short village cruises and floating bridges. Make sure to visit the coir manufacturing industries and learn about the lovely craft of houseboat building. Also do head for the nearby Parashuram Temple which is popular being dedicated to the mythological creator of Kerala, Parashuram.

Ashtamudi Backwaters, Kollam
This is the second largest backwater of Kerala and is composed of 8 channels of water. The Ashtamudi is a 16 km long lake that plays a vital role in connecting all the important backwaters of Kerala. This is considered as rich backwater mainly because of the presence of the line of luxury resorts around this backwater area. A stay for a day or two in the houseboats or the floating huts is a must do thing while you are here. This is one beauty of a place that will mesmerize you with its flawless juxtaposition of nature and serenity.

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