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Khajuraho is a Home to Artistic & Timeless Temples Attracting Tourists Far and Wide


Khajuraho is a Home to Artistic & Timeless Temples Attracting Tourists Far and Wide

Khajuraho is among the popular tourist destinations for both global and domestic tourists. It is a home to a number of gorgeous and timeless temples of Chandela Dynasty, which gives people some intriguing insights into the niceties of Hindu mythology. It is recognized by the UNESO as the World Heritage Site, which is symbolic to the medieval art. There were around 85 temples; however, 22 of them are still alive with the same grandeur and pride as were seen long before. These temples have a huge array of artistic sculptures and cravings, which showcases Kama Sutra. Apart from the Khajuraho Temples, the Lakshmana Temple and Kandariya Mahadev Temples are among the must visit Khajuraho tourism for their archaeological essence.

Khajuraho – Stands with Same Grandeur since Centuries

This place is called as temple city of India, which is popular in the entire world for having some of the best-carved temples on stones. There are thousands of tourists and visitors all over the world who flock in with friends and family to explore the stunning Khajuraho Erotic Temples showcasing the saga of art and culture engraved on mighty stones by skilled craftsmen of ages before. These temples symbolizes the best examples of Indo-Aryan architecture, however, it’s their décor, which bring people from all the nook and corners of the world.

Khajuraho Hindu Temples a Haven on a Barren Land


All these temples were constructed during the Chandella era, which was a dynasty of 900 AD. These temples stand tall with pride with the same grandeur since more than thousand years. This place was considered barren due its dry and bad environment. Nevertheless, thanks to the Chandellas, they managed to create such a strange site into an awesome site using skilled artisans doing wonders over the stones. Amidst the dry and dusty place, you can find all the luxuries to enjoy and explore this rich world heritage site based over the magnificent complex of temples. All these elements can make your Tours in Khajuraho the most exciting and memorable.

Khajuraho Fairs and Festivals

Another reason why Khajuraho is popular among the tourists is the grand fairs and festivals in the city of temples. One of the most vital festivals in this place is Mahashivratri, which marks the marriage of Shiva and Parvati. You can find the 2.5 Meters long Lingam of Kandariya Mahadeo Temple, which is dressed like a bridegroom carrying white and saffron dhotis having silver conical shape paper crown. This is a nightlong ceremony, which is performed by the son of chief priest. He anoints the lingam with the sacred river water amidst the hymns and chants.

Besides, here you can also find the Khajuraho festival of dance, which is organized every year during the months of February or March. Here, you get to see the culmination of some of the best Indian classical dancers performing on soothing music for hours. This seven-day festival is a home of electrifying dance performances. The floodlight Khajuraho Hindu Temples at the back give an incredible view in the Temple city for the local and domestic tourists.

Wrapping up

Khajuraho is one of the best places to catch the Indian culture and Hindu mythology. Apart from exploring gorgeously carved Khajuraho Monuments and temples in stone to participating in the dance festival of this city, you have loads to explore.

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