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Train journey in India: Enjoy a Perfect, Roller Coaster & Royal Life on Wheels

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Train journey in India: Enjoy a Perfect, Roller Coaster & Royal Life on Wheels

In India, you can find 18 million daily passengers who travel in more than 17,000 trains that operate on the 64,000 KMS of track. Amidst this 18 million people, a sizeable amount of this figure goes to the tourists who are keen to visit various places to unwind and have good time together. There are various types of train travel experiences in India, right from boarding the royal trains like palace on wheels or Maharaja Trains to the toy tourist trains experience in Shimla and Matheran or Darjeeling, you can have a diverse experience while traveling on the wheels in this country. The trains are the lifeline of most of the travelers in India, which give you a diverse experience, while you catch up different places for various purposes.

The Royal Trains

One of the major attractions to tourists especially the foreign tourists is the Royal Trains. These trains have all the luxury one can imagine, right from enjoying relishing food to exploring some of the best tourist destinations with these trains, you can get some of the irresistible travelling experience while moving on the wheels. The Palace on Wheels can give you some an unforgettable train travel experience to the fantasy cities of Rajasthan. Amidst all the royal lifestyle, you cover all the fabled cities of Rajasthan moving around the palaces and forts apart from catching up the grandeur of Taj in Agra.

Similarly, there are other Royal Trains, including Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey and Golden Chariot, which give you an incredible journey to various places. The former takes you to the route of Mumbai to Delhi covering the deteriorating caves at the known Ellora and Ajanta areas along with giving you the glimpse of Taj besides catching up the glimpse of Thar Desert. The latter takes you to the route of Bangalore to Goa moving through the Kabini wildlife sanctuary followed by world heritage sites like Badami and Hampi for miles. When you reach Goa, you enjoy one of the best water sports apart from enjoying the elegant and well-equipped, en-suite showers and taking swaying dining cars rides unlike found in any Agatha Christie novel.

Toy Trains

Toy Train

There are several toy trains in India, which helps you to catch the beauty of Mother Nature. These include the Himalayan Queen covering the route of Kalka to Shimla, the Nilgiri Mountain Railway in Tamil Nadu, Matheran Hill Railway in Maharashtra, Darjeeling Himalayan Toy Train, Kangra Valley Toy Train, Lumding–Halflong–Badarpur Toy Train in Assam and Kashmir Railways. All these trains can offer the tourist the tryst with Mother Nature, which as they all move amidst the lush green mountains and incredible picturesque areas in the hilly region together; you can enjoy one of the best travel experiences while you capture the memories in your camera.

The Superfast Trains in India

There are several trains in India, which have built a good rapport of Indian railways among the travelers coming within the country and outside this nation. These include the Rajdhani Express, which connects from all the Indian states capitals to national capital – New Delhi. It is among the most luxurious trains in India for conventional journeys. These are not only superfast trains but also cater all the luxury one can expect in a normal journey. Right from food to other facilities, there is lots of other stuff to enjoy while you travel in Rajdhani.

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