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Maharashtra- the land of infinite opportunities


Maharashtra is a large state of India, situated on the western region of the country, considered to be the globe’s second most populous state. It has a population of 110 million with its capital Mumbai formerly Bombay with approximately 18 million inhabitants. The state of Nagpur is considered to be the second capital of Maharashtra and has been given the title of ‘winter capital of the state’. Maharashtra offers prospects of high living standards, and extreme business opportunities for which it attracts migrants and tourists from all over the country and abroad.

One of the highpoints of Maharashtrian tourism is its amazing and unique culture. Being an enormous state the people take different cuisines, wear different types of clothes, and have their own types of music and dances. Maharashtra is also extremely popular for being the ‘Fashion capital’ of the country. Latest fashion items be it clothes, accessories or shoes are all imported here from abroad. The cuisine of Maharashtra is strong with spice and pepper and its Varadi and Konkan cuisine will simply touch any visitor’s heart. The capital of the state, Mumbai is the birthplace of the famous Indian street food ‘chat’, and here you will find that in abundant.

If you are planning to visit the state of Maharashtra make sure to spend a few days, in the capital city of Mumbai popularly known as the ‘city of dreams’. Its pulsating lifestyle filled with fun and vibrancy has made the city a true specimen of modernization and liberalization. This city considered to be the fastest city of the country, is the ideal place where tourists will get abundant opportunities for enjoying the nightlife.

There are ample places to visit in the city of Mumbai including its famous beaches like Juhu and Marina, and other sites like Jehangir Art gallery, Mani Bhawan, Essel World, Gateway of India, Siddhivinayak temple, and most importantly Bollywood. The city also offers abundant of romantic and adventurous activities through its restaurants, beaches, theatres, pubs, and nightclubs. When you’re in Mumbai you will find nothing better than its food including kebabs, bhel puris, chats, golgappas, pav bhaji, and the classic vada pav.

If you are in mood of adventure visit Khandala, a small city, located on the Western Ghats. The city has several viewpoints and trekking locations and is also the home to several rock cut caves, like Bhaja and Karla. Another popular destination in Maharashtra is Alibagh, which is a small coastal town eminent for its clear sandy beaches. The beaches of this town are far clearer and unpopulated compared to be buzzing beaches of Mumbai. When in Alibagh you must pay a short visit to its temples, which showcase an exceptional Hindu Maratha architecture.

One amongst the Princely states of Marathas is the city of Kolhapur considered to be the hub of Maratha Empire. The city is extremely popular for its Marathi people, cultural heritage, and historical monuments. The climate of the city remains pleasant all throughout the year with heavy showers during monsoons. Two famous aspects of Kolhapur tourism is its chappals and cuisine.

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