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Nepal before and after the Earthquake

Nepal Before Earthquake

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas is the breath taking country which until a few years ago was the kingdom of Nepal. Today Nepal is a fledgling democracy that is fast spreading its wings and taking off from its roots. Most people of the previous generation who have had the luck to visit this beautiful and serene country remember it as a true abode of peace and tranquility. The mountainous terrain with stretches of plains in between and the sound of Buddhist prayers and Hindu mantras being chanted side by side.

The people of Nepal belong to mongoloid origins and have probably settled into the region from Mongolian, Chinese and Tibetan origins. Although predominantly Hindu once upon a time, since the birth of the Buddha, Buddhism too has taken a hold on the hearts and mind of people here. The scenic beauty of this small nation is truly breath taking and provides an unforgettable memory for someone visiting this place. In fact tourism is the number one money spinner in this nation and every year hundreds and thousands of people interested in trekking and mountaineering make a beeline for Nepal almost through the year.

Nepal After Earthquake

Some of the marvelous Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temples dating back a few hundred years and provide a sight of awe for first time visitors. Nepal has always wielded a magnetic appeal on any visitor with its quiet charm and the warmth of its people. However perhaps destiny had other plans that suddenly reared its ugly head in the summer of 2015 that would change the beauty and tranquility it was famous for. The ground shook and the quiet was shattered by a category 7.8 earthquake that wrought havoc and destruction never seen before by this peaceful country and the neighboring region.

The epicenter of this devastating earthquake was in the South east of Nepal and spread through the zone right up to Kathmandu the Capital of this country. On 25th April 2015 this shattering earthquake hit the east of Lamjung District and as the quake travelled outwards it is estimated that a few thousand people lost their lives. Many hundreds and thousands were rendered homeless as nature took a heavy toll. A couple of days later an aftershock also claimed many lives with the final figures emerging as around 9018 dead and over 21,952 injured. There were in fact many aftershocks of varying intensity and all contributed to havoc destruction of property in degrees.

kathmandu durbar square

Nepal lost some of its amazing heritage structure that had left so many tourists in awe through the ages. The Kathmandu durbar square, the Patan Square, the Bhaktapur Durbar Square, the Swayambhunath Temple and Changu Narayan Temple are some of the most well known places that fell to the ferocity of nature’s fury. Some of the most prominent tourist destinations were a changed place for ever. Even the avalanches that ensued following the earthquake claimed many lives and destroyed a huge number of homes.

Since that time the warm and lovable people of Nepal have begun to piece together their broken lives and are trying to bring back the fallen glory of their cities and towns to a semblance of what it was in the yesteryears.

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