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New Year 2016- The Year of Happiness Unfolds

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New Year 2016- The Year of Happiness Unfolds:
We are at that wonderful time of the year again, when we get ready to cross one milestone and head for another. This is a special day in the calendar year that means the same for all who follow the Gregorian unit of time measurement. On this day, we keep the unit of time set aside to be marked “past” and get ready to mark all that represents the “Future”. All though there are no physical markers to show from this transition in time and may appear to be unreal, the happiness & hope it represents is real.

For all those who follow the English calendar year, this is a day when it’s a time for looking ahead and keeping what is behind locked up in the photo albums. It’s a time to plan for a whole year ahead, a time to find ways to fulfill plans and realize dreams. For some that have had a not so good year going by it’s a day that brings a new door of opportunity and chances that must be utilized. There are those that want to climb on the wings of a high flying eagle and fly the skies of success and bring happiness into the lives of all.

2015 has been a challenging year for the world economy and people all over expect and believe that 2016 will change all that. People hope that come 1st January 2016, the world will be stepping into a year of bringing the world community closer to releasing their vision of one world, one people. The crisis in the Middle East will be a thing of the past and the world will have a time to heal its wounds. A time for great scientific discoveries in the offing and a time to lay the salve on climatic woes that have beset us with great natural calamities.

For those that have a penchant for the Chinese calendar, the year ahead is the year of the Monkey and one can visualize an image from that. Hopefully symbolized by a happy frolicsome monkey with never a dull moment, yes indeed for everyone wishes such a scintillating 2016 ahead. A new year, for making a brand new beginning, a new start to laying the foundation of a stronger decade ahead, one that will bring the sunshine of new happiness into the lives of those less fortunate. Of economic freedom for those that have lived below the poverty line and wellbeing for those that have not been in the pink of health for long.

New year 2016 will be rung in with long nights of party and merry making which only this day can qualify for. This year will also bring into existence amazing gadgets & goodies that the technology world is ever starving for. We hope there will be the advent of Apps that make life easier and work effortless and our love life carefree. We hope for the best year of our lives in the New Year 2016.

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