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Pokhara Nepal – The Scenic Haven

pokhara nepal

Pokhara Nepal – The Scenic Haven
If Nepal is your next tourist destination then Pokhara is one scenic haven you simply cannot afford to miss. The city is the second largest in Nepal and a thriving place for tourists all year round. Pokhara is easily reachable from Kathmandu and other cities of Nepal. It is well connected by road so travelling by road is easy and you can also hire a bus, taxi, scooter or even a bicycle to reach the place.

The fairly small city of Pokhara is a perfect juxtaposition of spectacular scenery flourishing galore with beautiful lakes and waterfalls, fabulous natural as well as man-made view points, ancient caves and museums, etc. You can also enjoy truck loads of adventure activities and make for a flawless adventure holiday with family and friends if you are in Pokhara. Let us learn about some of the most happening spots in Pokhara!

Phewa Lake
Situated at the west of Pokhara, the Phewa Lake or Phewa Tal is one of the most beautiful spots in Nepal. The lake is amidst high mountain peaks covered in snow and lush green forests abundant in monkeys. The water of the lake is so clean that it resembles a mirror and you can actually behold yourself in it. Hire a boat and row across this beautiful water body as it is a must see place before you die.

Dipang Lake
The Dipang Lake or Dipang Tal is yet another feather in the hat of Pokhara. Located along the Prithvi Rajmarg Road, this gorgeous lake is abundant in white swans and white lotuses. No doubt you will have a great time rowing across the lake feeding the wild swans and savoring the beauty of the lovely lotuses floating on the waters.

One of the most important places to see while in Pokhara is the famous Sarangkot. A perfect trekking spot, this is one place for you to check out if you are an adventure freak. You can relish the charming view of the Annapurna mountains from Sarangkot and trust me it will be no less than a captivating experience. The view of a great number of Himalayan peaks like the Dhaulagiri, Pachhapuchhare, etc are sure to bound to spellbound you like never before.

You can also check out the ruined fort of Kaskikot and learn about the grand history and architecture of ancient Nepal.

pokhara nepal

Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave
One of the religious caves in Pokhara is the Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave situated in South Pokhara. It houses the idol of the Hindu Lord Shiva and is if you go to the depth of this gigantic cave you will come across the waters of the nearby Devi Falls.

International Mountain Museum
This museum is dedicated to mountaineering and its history. Here you can see exhibits and descriptions about the life of the people living in the mountains in olden times. You can find description of the peaks of the Himalayas and their popular expeditions. There are also exhibits of from other mountain areas including Japan and Slovenia.

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