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Pushkar- the fairest fare of them all

Pushkar- the fairest fare of them all

Located in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan, the sacred city of Pushkar is counted amongst the five sacred Hindu pilgrimage sites. One of the most ancient destinations in the country, the city derives its name from the famous Pushkar Lake. The city is mythological very significant as some believe that it was the abode of Shiva, whereas others say that Lord Brahma created it. Other than the sacred lakes, and eye-catching temples, the city is also eminent for the Pushkar fair Rajasthan. The fair takes place between October to November and is very popular for its camels, festivities, religious fervor and the famous cattle fair Rajasthan.

Eye-catching celebrations at Pushkar

This particular celebration attracts guests from all around the world, and also hosts the world’s biggest camel fair. People come here to sell and buy livestock, and take part in interesting contests like bridal competition, longest moustache, breaking the pot and a lot more. To make the desert fair Rajasthan even more interesting, recently an exhibition cricket match has been introduced where, random foreign tourists and local club competes to win the game.

In this celebration which takes place for five long days, women can purchase a host of things from stalls which include fabrics, textiles, clothes, bracelets, bangles, handmade earrings, terracotta lockets and the list is nearly endless. The most famous event taking place in this celebration is the Pushkar camel fair which marks the start of this fiesta, and is followed by exhibitions, music, and dances.

Vibrancy of this Rajasthani fair

One of the most popular and preferred events at this Rajasthan Fair is the hot air ballooning. The best time to hop onto a hot air balloon is considered to be at the time of the fair, when the weather is calm and pleasant and when the grounds are bustling with games of both beasts and men. Amongst all the hustle and bustle of this busy celebration, if tourists are looking for some peace, the perfect place would be the banks of Pushkar Lake. Just like the Mansarovar Lake, the Pushkar Lake is also believed to be sacred. It is associated with the legend of Lord Brahma, and is thus considered to be an ideal destination for Hindu pilgrimage.

The famous Pushkar fair, is an ideal blend of the three R’s which is, romance, rituals and religion. Even before the fair actually starts the entire is dressed in vibrant colors of cultural phenomenon, when brightly clothed tumblers, musicians, dealers, visitors, sadhus, devotes, folk dancers, and humorists start arriving. This is undoubtedly one of the largest events taking place in India, with over two lakh people participating in the camel festival, and millions of exhibitors coming from all around the world to enjoy. It is also the home to the largest cattle fair, which is meant particularly for merry making and enjoyment.

The religious fair, considered to be the second part of this event is a marked occasion for all the devotees who come to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the holy Pushkar Lake. India might be the home to hundreds of other events and occasions, but none can match the vigor and dynamism of this famous Rajasthani event.

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