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The gorgeous grandeur of Gujarat

Gujarat India

The gorgeous grandeur of Gujarat

Gujarat is a state on the western side of India situated mostly in Kathiawar peninsula, with a population of 60 million. Also known as Jewel of Western Part of India, the state is bordered by Arabian Sea, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan as well as the Sind province of Pakistan. Gujrati is the language of this land, with Ahmedabad being its largest city and Gandhinagar being its capital. Gujarat tourism is highly recommended for those who wish to see a glimpse of the true Indian culture. The state is very famous for its food, which is primarily vegetarian. Some of the famous Gujrati food items include khakra, thepla, dhokla, chundo, chaas, and so on. Visitors planning to travel in Gujarat must remember that it’s an alcohol free state, and bringing liquor into the state from neighboring regions is a punishable offence.

Other than being famous as the birth-land of Mahatma Gandhi, it is also known to house several natural heritages including Bharuch, Idar, MS University, Lothal, and Gandhi Smriti Bharuch. Famous Tourist attraction Gujarat includes:

  • Situated in the old part of Gujarat, is the famous Bangdi market marked with several cul-de-sacs, lanes, and narrow alley-ways. The shops here are famous for their bandhanis, beadworks, embroidered fabrics, colorful handmade bangles.
  • Located in Ahmedabad, is a circuit which guides tourists through the town of Vijaynagar, including its dam, temples, ruins of the city and so on. This circuit popularly known as the Vijayanagar circuit and the best possible method of exploring the crannies and nooks of the region is through the help of a guide. There are several Gujarat gutravel ides one will find in Vijaynagar who provide guided tours for people of all ages.


One of the most famous Gujarat travel destination is the archeological museum, situated in Junagadh. It is the home to the ruins of Somnath temple and is open in the morning and evening hours. Some of the guides of Gujarat travel believe that the museum has many more items of interest compared to the actual temple, and preserves several interesting potteries, inscriptions and sculptures from different eras.

Gujarat Mitiyala Wildlife SanctuaryThose interested in Gujarat India Tourism, cannot finish their journey without visiting the marvelous beaches of Gujarat. The beaches are an ideal destination for those who want to spend some romantic times with their spouses, or for family vacations. One of the most eminent beaches of the state is Dandi, located in Surat which is historically significant for the famous Dandi March by MK Gandhi. This march formed a part of India’s independence movement, organized in 19360. This simple march helped India in weakening the power of the British Raj. However, now the once inhabited beach has now become a buzzing tourist destination for travelers from far corners of India. There are a host of food stalls in the sandy beaches of Dandi, where tourists can get a taste of simple Gujarati snack items or other food items popular all over the country. A dip in the warm waters during spring times is also recommended.

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