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The pride and glory of India- Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

The summit of Mughal architecture was achieved with the construction of the Seventh Wonder of the World, Taj Mahal. It stands royally near River Yamuna, and is synonymous to romance, passion, devotion and love. Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan built this magnificent monument in memory of his wife who has been given the title of ‘Mumtaz Mahal’. Taj Mahal meaning ‘Crown Palace’ has been regarded by several international agencies as being the most sought after tourist destinations in the world.

An epitome of love

If you are in search of a destination for a short holiday, then Taj mahal India is the place you should be heading for. Located on the bank of Yamuna, this magnificent monument is a picturesque location for its precious gemstones, exquisite ornamentations, and its pure white marble. Taj Mahal Agra cannot be simply counted as a beautiful monument or building. There’s a delightful love story tied to its history which will easily enliven your mind and heart. Taj mahal is the emblem of ‘true love’, and everyone from in and around India is welcome to explore the charm that it emanates.

Just at the crack of dawn when the first light of the day touches the dome of this grand monument it glows like the abode of divinity and that is what makes it the most promising locations in North India travel. Again at dusk, this tombstone made of marble shimmers like a flawlessly carved diamond leaving the viewers captivated and mesmerized by its opulence. What an architectural marvel it is, no wonder it is one of the Seven Wonders. It is not the work of a single man; it required the dedications and craftsmanship of thousands of calligraphers, painters, carvers, stonecutters, masons, and dome builders from Iran and Central Asia.

Mesmerizing sight of Taj

Taj Mahal Uttar Pradesh covers a total area of over 60 bighas, and the landscape gradually inclines from south to north forming a descending terrace. At the southern edge of the courtyard are the two other tombs of Fatehpuri Begum and Akbarabadi Begum. These were the two other queen of the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan. These two tombs are located on the south west and south east locations of the ground and both are popularly known as Saheli Burj. If you are on a Taj Mahal trip, you ought to visit the second terrace which houses exquisite side pavilions, spacious square gardens, cypress avenues, wide walkways, and broad canals of waters.

If you are in a holiday in North India then you also must be visiting the Agra Fort which is another very famous tourist destination near the magnificent Taj Mahal. This monument was created by the grandfather of Shah Jahan, Akbar the great in the year 1565. Several other additions were carried on in Agra Fort by Shah Jahan himself which reflects the same purity, innocence, and magnificence as the Taj Mahal itself. The entire monument is made of red sandstone and is the abode of the most striking intricate Mughal architectures. Its beauty and splendor has made it a UNESCO world heritage site.

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