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The sensations of scenic Sikkim

Kalimpong festival

The sensations of scenic Sikkim

Considered to be one of the loveliest destinations of India, Sikkim is a small state famous for preserving the Tibetan Buddhism culture. Sikkim is undoubtedly famous for the massive variety that it presents to its tourists including South Sikkim’s monumental religious statues, Buddhist monasteries of West Sikkim, North’s rhododendron clad mountain valleys and East Sikkim’s cheerful and friendly urban centers. This former Himalayan kingdom forms a kind of retreat and haven for tourists from all across the world.

Sikkim tourism is especially famous amongst adventurers and youngsters who come here to get a taste of the long preserved Tibetan Buddhism culture. It is the land of massive opportunities where no one can get bored. It’s the land of picture postcard landscapes, exotic Himalayan wildlife, and finger licking food. It’s a superb mountain escape where adventurers come for hiking and trekking in the mountains. However, it is also eminent for the Buddhist monasteries which are to be found in abundant in Sikkim.

Some of the popular Sikkim monasteries are:

  • Enchey monastery situated on a hill top in Gangtok which was built in the era of Thutob Namgyal.
  • Rumtek monastery also situated near Gangtok. A drive through the mesmerizing countryside will lead one to Rumtek Dharma Chakra. It was structure in the late 19th century by Gwalwa Karmapa who sought shelter in Sikkim during the Chinese attack. It is the home to some of the most unique icons, ancient manuscripts, and distinctive art objects.

Another amazing aspect of tourism in this small state is Sikkim trekking, which undoubtedly has its own charm. There are abundant trails which will direct the trekkers to the high mountain areas near Kanchendzonga. The trekking trails in Sikkim, runs through heavy forest regions with undulating climbs which also includes treading on soft snow. Several famous treks include Phoktey Dara Trek, Singalila Trek, Monastic trek, Green Lake trek, Village trek, Goichala trek and so on. However, Sikkim fragile ecosystem calls for strict obedience to the states environmental codes and campfires are strictly prohibited.

glendale tea estate

One of the most striking aspects of Sikkim travel is that tourists will find a blend of three ethnic communities, Nepalese, Nepchas, and Bhutias. These three communities live in rich harmony and create the rich culture and environment of the state. A short Sikkim trip will offer its visitors in an array of ethnic faces in their cultures, traditions and costumes. The small population consists of both Buddhists and Hindus with a small part of neo Christians.

The people of Sikkim strictly worship Mother Nature and still practice time-honored ways of healing and religion. Lakes and mountains are also worshipped by several people of all the communities of the state. Considered to be the land of tranquility and peace, it’s an ideal destination far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. Sikkim adventures helps tourists to rejuvenate their body and soul and shed all worries about mental and financial stresses. Sikkim Tours and Travels conduct trekking expeditions for various groups of people, who focus highly on the safety of teams and clients and on quality control.

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