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The state where modernity meets culture – Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

More popularly known as ‘temple city of India’, the state of Tamil Nadu is a land of enchanting magic. Here you will get to explore the most illustrious cities in the country like Mahabalipuram, Madurai and Chennai known for its architectural wonders from the Dravidian era. A short trip to Tamil Nadu will provide you the opportunity to visit some of the most eminent temples and monuments of the South, which are significant for its cultural and artistic achievements.

If you are a non-Indian and want to get a sneak peak of India’s cultural heritage, then your best option would be Tamil Nadu holidays. It’s one state in the country which has a wealth of attractive locations like its golden sandy beaches, famed hill stations, jazzing cities, illustrious Tamil Nadu temples and so on. Spending your holidays in Tamil Nadu will introduce you to a unique world which is an ideal combo of contemporary attraction and historic culture, providing its tourists with a refreshing travel experience.

Endless touring options

For providing an easy experience to all its visitors, Tamil Nadu tourism department has modified its tour packages, for matching the needs of everyone. For getting in touch with a genuine tour operator, and receiving the best Tamil Nadu travel packages, contact Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation.

If you want to travel some place near the sea, Mammallapuram beach is the perfect option for you. Just an hour away from Chennai, this beach is famous for its ultra modern and luxurious resorts and its scene of thriving backpackers. This area of the state is the most famous for stone sculpting; here tourists can purchase some amazingly beautiful things. Other famous attractions include Arjuna’s penance, Five Rathas and Shore temples.Tamil Nadu

Home to plentiful tourist destinations

One of the most fascinating aspects about a travel to Tamil Nadu is its medley of festivals like Pongal, Deepam, and Karthigai etc. One of the most important aspects while opting for the Tamil Nadu Vacation Package would be that it must include certain sites which will let you know more about Bharatnattyam. This important Indian dance form has a long history which is extremely fascinating, and is a significant part of Tamil Nadu culture. Also an ideal location for beach vacationers Tamil Nadu is the home to some of India’s most exotic beaches like Rameshwaram beach, Kanyakumari beach, and Marina Beach.

This state holds a rustic Dravidian culture and is the abode to several historically and culturally significant locations. If you are planning to visit Tamil Nadu, your trip will remain incomplete without a short tour to its capital city Chennai previously Madras. One of the best ways to describe Chennai would be a bustling busy city which treasures its conservative orthodox culture. This is a very well spread out city with bustling pockets in between and has all the hallmarks of a modern Indian city. Some of the highlights of this city would be its mix of Old Portuguese style churches, abundance of galleries, museums, amusement parks, temples and beaches.

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