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Tibet – On the Roof of The World

Tibet roof of the world

Tibet- On the Top/Roof of The World

Tibet is one of the autonomous regions of China. And as you enter this region, you get a feeling as if you have entered into a different world all together. This is because it is one of the youngest and highest plateaus in the world; hence it is called as the Roof Of the World or the Third Pole. Tibet plateau is also known for having lush green and picturesque places close to Mother Nature apart from being the spiritual place for having a number of popular monasteries. It is also a region for beautiful lakes and rivers apart from the high mountains perfect for your trekking events. Let’s dig in deep to get the real beauty of this region so that you may feel motivated for a Tibet trip as under:

Monasteries- Your Spiritual Connection

One of the key reasons to visit Tibetan plateau is the presence of a number of popular and mighty monasteries, which offers great amount of spiritualism and peace of mind for thousands of devotees coming far and wide. Most of these monasteries have been established amidst Mother Nature by known spiritual leaders born in the history of this place. The three known and great monasteries of Lhasha Tibet, which were established in the 15th century include Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery and Gandan Monastery based in Lhasa is hub of thousands of monks apart from the relics, art, crafts and Buddhist scriptures. One of the oldest monastery is Samye Monastery built in 761 apart from the Shalu Monastery, which came into existence in 1000 AD. The others include Shalu Monastery, Tashilunpo Monastery, Jokhang Monastery and Changzhu Monastery.

Tibet roof of the  world

Tibet Trekking & Hiking tours- Quenching Your Adventure Thirst

A big chunk of Tibet population still lives in remote areas, which are mostly in the trekking zones. If you are able to design package tours of Tibet smartly with any competent tour operator, you can certainly explore these areas. This will help you in getting a comprehensive and deeper kind of culture experience. Thus you get the opportunity to explore the most untouched and remote corners of the world and hence would be able to get a perfect enjoyment of pristine beauty of Mother Nature in the form of rivers, lakes, mountains and valleys. There are 14 different peaks, which are above 8,000 meters from the sea level apart from the famous Mount Everest peak including, Makalu, Luozi, Xixiabangma, Nanjiabawa and Zhuoayou. Some of the popular trekking tours of Tibet include Kharta Valley Trekking, Ganden To Samye Monastery Trekking, Namtso Lake Hiking and Shishapangma Trekking.

Tibet roof of the  world

Palaces, Heritage Spots, Parks and Art Galleries

Once you plan for travelling in Tibet, you also have the option of exploring a number of palaces and heritage places in the region. These flaunt some of the best and famous architectural work in the world. These include the Yunbulakang, which is considered to be the first castle built in this area along with the popular Potala Palace. Besides, the other attractions you find in this place include the Tibet Museum located in the religious garden called Norbulingka in Lhasa. Also, don’t forget to check the art galleries, beautiful parks, lakes and rivers. And above all, Mount Everest and Mount Kailash is the evergreen attraction of this place which anyone would ever think of missing while making an adventure travel in Tibet.

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