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Udaipur The Taj Lake Palace – the ultimate in royal luxury

Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

Udaipur The Taj Lake Palace – the ultimate in royal luxury
Have you ever had the pleasure of living inside a pearl?? Surely that sounds surprising, but not when we describe the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur, India. The glistening marble structure in the middle of a magnificent lake certainly looks like a pearl inside an oyster. This is situated in the North of India and is home to a vast expanse of Dessert called the Thar Dessert. At the same time the glorious Aravalli rage of mountains is also visible in the backdrop and is the perfect setting for an unforgettable stay in India.

The inside of this fabulous hotel is every bit as warm and lustrous as the glistening marble exterior and is a Luxury Hotel in every sense of the word. It has around 83 rooms and around 17 suites that shimmer in the glory of hand carved interiors and a decor that can only be called Royal to the core. If you wish to experience the true delight of your stay at the Taj Palace a trip on a Gangaur replete with candlelight and a regally dressed man at the oars will certainly make you feel like a king or a Queen.

A further feather in the cap to this luxury hotel was when it featured in one of the James Bond movies, “Octupussy” starring Roger Moore. A movie such as Bond has always had the best of locales and spots for its story outline and naturally, it brought this hotel into the limelight before the world audience. Although the present name is the Taj palace ever since it was converted into a hotel under the Taj group of hotels, the old name for this palace is Jag Niwas. It sits like an island on Lake Pichola which is a sight to behold by itself.

Taj Lake Palace Udaipur Rajasthan

If ever there was a luxury hotel that could be called Romantic then there is little doubt that the Taj Palace would be heading the list. This beautiful palace took shape during the period 1743 to 1746 under the guidance of then King Maharana Jagat Singh of the Mewar Dynasty. Originally though, it was designed to be a winter palace for the royalty today it is teeming with holidaying visitors all through the year.

An interesting aspect f its construction is that it was created facing east so that those that stayed here could face the rising sun. Paying obeisance to the Sun god was an important aspect of Hinduism and it also provided ample lights inside the many regal rooms. Its construction had a lot of thought applied to it, like there are walkways, terraces, gardens, courtyards and every other facet of a royal palace. It is said that Didi Conrtractor , an American Artist has had a great hand in designing many aspects of this Lake Palace we see today.

It was sometime in 1971 that the Taj group took over the reins to this location and over a period of time gave shape to that excellence we see in this extremely marvellous luxury hotel. Since then it has been one of the crown jewels in the tourism circuit of the country.


Born in Rajasthan, India I am a traveler by inherent nature. Cultural heritage has always been my fascination and I always tried to look the things from cultural angel. Shifted to Delhi in pursuit of new pastures 4 year back. The wandering nature always push me for new and lesser known destinations. Currently on a break from studies and official work to explore the wonderland called as India.

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