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Unusual transport for your trip in India and Asia


Unusual transport for your trip in India and Asia
A very important aspect of travelling to a new country is easy connectivity for visiting various locations without any hassle. The classified modes of transport like bus, taxi, car etc would be what people will expect to travel in. However, it’s different in Asia, and it has been able to develop various other modes of transport to take people from one place to another. There are various modes of transport available in Asia and India, which are exotic and unique.

Thailand’s most interesting mode of transport is the Tuktuk, also considered as the country’s local version of taxi. Tuktuk is a three wheeled mode of transportation, which looks like a modified motorcycle. The vehicle can carry two passengers, and has a Taxi sign attached on the roof. This version of the taxi is colorful and bright and is a perfect medium for buzzing around in the packed and busy streets of Thailand. This vehicle has become a sign of Thailand’s ingenuity and is one of the most famous and preferred modes of transport to be found only in Asia.


A similar vehicle like Tuktuk but available only in India is called the Auto rickshaw. This mode of transport is also three wheeled but can carry up to three to four passengers. Auto rickshaws have become one of the most used, preferred and cheap mode of transportation in India. This Indian specialty is extremely fast, and passengers need to hold on tight for there are no seat belts attached.

Philippines has been able to create its own version of the bus, and is known as a Jeepney. This unique name was created from the name of American Jeep, and later the name Jeepney originated. It was during the Second World War, when Manila was wiped out that the American Jeep became an integral mode of transportation. Later it was modified and became the country’s most preferred and easily available public transport. The local Filipino inventiveness transformed a simple Jeep into a sturdy and colorful mode of transport, found all over the country.


Songthaew is a unique mode of transport to be found particularly in Laos. This mode of transport has its origin in Thailand, but later it became popular in its neighboring land, Laos.   The version of Songthaew found in Luang Prabang and in the capital city of Vientiane is quite similar to the ones found in Thailand. However, Laos has also created its own unique version of this vehicle, which is found plentifully in rural areas of Laos and Vang Vieng. The literal meaning of Songthaew is ‘two benches’, the reason being that there are two benches fastened to the vehicle which serves as the seat for the passengers.

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A cross between the Filipino Jeepney and Thai Tuktuk is Motorela found in Philippines. These vehicles are similar to motorcycles with an attached carriage, with two seats facing each other. These vehicles can carry up to eight passengers at the same time with four sitting on the same row. Motorela is Philippines prized possession, and this interesting mode of transport is to found only in this country.


Born in Rajasthan, India I am a traveler by inherent nature. Cultural heritage has always been my fascination and I always tried to look the things from cultural angel. Shifted to Delhi in pursuit of new pastures 4 year back. The wandering nature always push me for new and lesser known destinations. Currently on a break from studies and official work to explore the wonderland called as India.

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