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Know more about the wildlife sanctuaries in India


Know more about the wildlife sanctuaries in India

India is the home to 515 wildlife sanctuaries out which 48 are managed by the Tiger Project and are extremely significant as India’s tiger reserves. Several of these wildlife sanctuaries have also been declared as ‘bird sanctuaries’ and houses some of the rarest birds’ one will ever notice in the entire world. These national parks are extremely important in maintaining the healthy habitat of the animals and for the prevention of poaching. The tiger reserve which is a direct effort of the government for the protection of the tigers has lead to an increase of 30% in the number of tigers in the country. Some of the most important and toured wildlife sanctuaries in India are:

  • Corbett national park: situated in Uttarakhand, this national park is the one of the best and oldest national parks in India. Ideally situated at the foothills of the Himalayan range, this part was created in 1936 as an effort to provide shelter and protection to the Bengal Tigers. This park is a favorite to all nature lovers, and the park was named after Jim Corbett, the famous wildlife story writer. The park attracts thousands of visitors every year, and has also been featured in several movies, to raise awareness against the declining number of tigers.Wildlife
  • Bandipur national park: situated in Karnataka, Bandipur is the most visited and popular wildlife sanctuaries of Southern India. The park is significant for being the home to several endangered species of animals and a large number of elephants. The beautiful forests of the Western Ghats and Deccan Plateau have made Bandipur one of the most attractive parks in the country.
  • Kaziranga national park: Kaziranga is one of the largest parks in India and is the sole natural habitat of One Horned Rhinos in the country. Situated in Assam, at the Golaghat district, Kaziranga is an ideal place to discover Northern India’s wildlife. This park has been declared as the most visited national park in the country as it boasts of a large number of wildlife species and tigers. Since the past decade the park has been a home to an enormous number of tigers for which it has been declared in 2006 as a Tiger Reserve Forest. Here tourists will get to see hundreds of migratory birds and other rare animals like Swamp Deer’s, Wild Buffaloes, and Giant Elephants etc.national park
  • Periyar National park: considered to be the most beautiful wildlife sanctuary of Southern India, Periyar National park is the only animal reserve in India with a man-made lake flowing through the forest. Located on the beautiful Western Ghats, this national park has also been declared a tiger reserve. Tourists are allowed to boat in the lake, where they are most likely to catch a glimpse of animals quenching their thirst by the lake side. Some of the major attractions of this park are Langurs, Nilgiri Tahrs, Deer, and Elephant etc. Throwing waste within the park is completely prohibited and any attempt to do so might lead visitors in jail.


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